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"There is Grace in Grief. 

There will be flecks of light down your path. I am only here to help you catch them."

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Hello. My name is Mira, and I am a Licensed Marriage Family Therapist (#123422).

My area of focus is grief, covid grief, trauma, and care-giver fatigue. I recognize that grief comes in many different forms, such as a job loss, divorce and of course loss of a loved one.

I am here to assist, while you processes your pain. You don't need to be alone on your journey.

I am half Mexican-American and half Asian-Indian. I understand cultural differences, and how they present themselves in the healing process.  I will honor and respect your personal beliefs and rituals using a client-centered, non-judgmental approach. Previously, I worked as a bereavement counselor and sat bedside with patients, and then continued counseling  those

grieving families. 

I was recently featured in Facebook's Hall of Her, as one of twelve women honored for

Women's History Month. March, 2021.





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"As an oncology nurse practitioner, I deal with many patients and significant others who are dealing with grief and loss. Often it is difficult to process the feelings of loss alone. Mira is a caring,  compassionate person who provides a safe space for you to process and work through the grief. I highly recommend Mira and the services she provides."