About Mira

Licensed Marriage Family Therapist

Hello. My name is Mira Masukawa, and I am a Licensed Marriage Family Therapist (#123422).

My area of focus is grief, Covid grief, trauma, anxiety and care-giver fatigue. 

I am here to assist, while you processes your pain. You don't need to be alone on your journey.

I am half Mexican-American and half Asian-Indian. I  understand cultural differences and how they present themselves in the healing process.  I will honor and respect your personal beliefs and rituals using a client-centered, non-judgmental approach. Previously, I worked as a bereavement counselor and sat bedside with patients, and then continued counseling  those

grieving families. 


I received my  Bachelor's degree in Psychology from San Francisco State University, with a minor in World Religion. Graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Master's degree in Marriage Family Therapy from Touro University Worldwide, Santa Ana, California. 

EMDR trained, part 1 and 2.


I enjoy old movies and gardening, even though I don't have a green thumb.

As a part of my interest,  I co-administrator a private Facebook group which has 450 therapist members. 

Recently, Facebook featured me in their Hall of Her as one of twelve women honored for

Women's History Month. March, 2021.

I live in Southern California with my two kids and two dogs, where I conduct sessions through teletherapy. 

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"Depression is like a women in black. If she turns up, don't shoo her away. Invite her in, offer her a seat. treat her like a guest and listen to what she has to say." 

C. G. Jung