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Having worked with people in grief, I devised these workbooks to help you process your feelings and guide you when we are not in session. These workbooks offer a path to serenity that you can pursue on your own schedule.


A journaling tool to assist in uncovering and increasing your JOY.  Journaling Rituals promotes a healthy outlook by including chapters on hope, forgiveness and self-care rituals, 

The Love- Grieving Group workbook is the same as the Love Grieving workbook. It was revised to be used in a on-line grief group.

This workbook addresses topics such as final days request and memorial service arrangements. It also provides letter templates to different family members to help address any unresolved items. I do believe love letters and showing gratitude can be written at any stage in our life.

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Becoming Unstuck is a workbook that takes one through various insightful activities. It provides tools for uncovering one's path, increasing motivation, and getting momentum started. 

I present the term "love-grieving" as an active mix of two extreme sentiments happening simultaneously. Love, an endearing feeling of deep affection, along with grief's painful sadness and sorrow. Often one experiences feelings that seem mismatched and confusing. This acknowledges that healing journey.

The Tool Box 

workbook presents various questions to the reader, and helps identify the coping skills needed during a stressful time. 

"With grief or without, loneliness is something we all face at different stages in our life. Although it feels like a dark cave of solitude, sometimes in that darkness we meet

the gems of our soul."


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