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Covid Grief


March 11, 2021

Here we are at the one year mark. Last year this time, we all thought this pandemic would last a few weeks. Desks were left, with plans to return soon. School lunch pails were forgotten and only the necessities were grabbed. We had no idea what was ahead of us, and who and what, we would be leaving behind.

It was a year glued to the news, all of us in a state of trauma. How do I keep my family safe from this virus? How do we homeschool? Who will stay home with the children, and who will continue to work? How will we pay the bills? Everyday we have been making critical decisions, all while trying to keep a positive attitude and learning how to bake  bread. The dust is barely settling, then it was reported that Europe is going into a third lock down.

We are in a collective PTSD. Body count and disturbing images of distraught health care providers have become daily news. Doctors and nurses caring for our loved ones, because we are not allowed bedside.

We need to talk about this with others. Talk to your family and see how everyone is really doing. Ask the kids what they need. Talk to a therapist, and check with others to see if they would like counseling. It is a necessity, just as exercise is to our body, therapy is to our overall wellbeing.

We need to process in order to proceed.

How can I help you process?


Couple Hugging on a Pier
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